If you're considering joining the fast-growing group of vacation rental property owners, the question that keeps coming to mind is typically; how can I properly manage a property while still valuing my time?  The fact of the matter is renting out and managing your property can eat up far more of your time than you bargained for.  On one hand you've successfully rented out your property and are enjoying the extra income it brings in.  On the other hand, whether you want to or not, you have to deal with short term property management and the responsibility that goes along with it.  You know.  The guest inquiries, background screening, reservations, cleaning, collecting payments and finding new ways to attract new renters.  If you, like many others who haven't reached out for help yet, wish there was a property management firm that looks after your best interest, I suggest that you consider Harrington Real Estate as your source for peace of mind and profitability.


There are many different components and strategies required to create and market a vacation rental property.  Following is a list of what is included in my management fee;

EXPOSURE OF YOUR PROPERTY.  Your home will have a professionally designed page created and displayed on VRBO, Airbnb and Facebook.  It has been my experience that these three web sites offer the most exposure for properties.

BOOKINGS AND RESERVATIONS. All initial inquiries, bookings and reservations will be directed to me.  I will make sure that the guest-references and reviews from stays in prior vacation rental homes are positive. 

CUSTOM RATE CALENDAR.  Prices adjust during different times of the year.  For example, a nightly rate for your home will be much higher during a holiday season then it will during off season periods. I will research comparable properties and make sure that your home is the top consideration for potential guests.

CLEANING SERVICES.  No need for you to worry about cleaning your property after your guests leave and before a new guest arrives.  I have a stable of licensed and insured House Keepers that do a terrific job, provide their own supplies and are available at any time you need them. 

LODGING TAXES.  I will make sure that all applicable taxes from rental customers are collected and dispersed as required.  I will also help you apply for any permits that your city or county might require.  Please note that you will be responsible for the cost of any permits.

REVIEWS.  We will request that after a guest departs your home, he/she will leave a review on the web site iin which it was booked.  Good reviews make a big difference in procuring future bookings.

RENTAL AGREEMENT. Prior to their stay in your home, guests must sign a rental agreement with Harrington Real Estate.  This agreement stipulates everything from the amount of people allowed to stay, damages to the property, cancellation policy and more.  A copy of this agreement is available for your review.