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Property Management Services


Managing a rental property can be a real challenge for a homeowner, and Matt tackles the task with knowledge of local landlord and real estate laws, and a hands on approach to getting the job done.  In a recent interview, Matt addressed how their Property Management skills outshine the competition:


Explain how your property management program works.  We offer several different options for property management,the most popular being full property management, which is where we manage the property, we collect the rent and take care of all repair requests. Anything to do with interaction between the tenant and what would be the property owner goes directly through us.


What is the benefit of retaining the services of a property manager?  It relieves the owner of a lot of the stress and worriment. When you’re renting a piece of real estate and you’re an individual property owner, a tenant is going to try and get as much out of you as possible. When there’s an intermediary in the middle of that, a lot of times they won’t necessarily be troublesome.


How do your fees work?  We charge 10% of the rent each month for our management fee. All calls, concerns, and maintenance requests by the tenants are directed to us, and we take care of it all. From calling a plumber, snow plower, or cleaning service, right up to depositing the rent in the owners account each month, the owner has the peace of mind that the property is in good hands 24/7.


What sets you apart from other area property managers?  Our professionalism and honesty. We’re going to tell you up front what we can do and what we can’t do. There’s no sugar coating things and making them seem like they’re going to be better than what they are. I'd rather you be aware of what’s going on up front.


What else is do you offer besides property management?  I offer complete and professional Real Estate Services.I've been a full time Realtor in the Roaring Fork Valley for over 25 years and also specialize in Listing and Buying properties, as well as Real Estate Auction services. Another reason people choose me to manage their properties is because when it does come time that they want to sell it, they know I'm familiar with the process and the property itself.


In conclusion, why should someone choose you to manage their property?  Quite simply, I take pride in our business. I'm dedicated to high standards of business ethics and fair housing regulations. My tenants are carefully screened prior to signing a lease, I advertise extensively on line, and provide timely and accurate accounting for the income and expenses for your property.


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